Learning from Podcasts

One of my favorite ways to continue learning is by listening to podcasts.  I always keep my iPod loaded with a variety of podcasts to listen to if I'm out for a walk, traveling in the car (without company) or just when I'm getting ready in the morning. I download all podcasts through iTunes and love the feature online that also shows "people who listened to this podcast also listened to..." to find even more podcasts to try listening to.

Since I have enjoyed learning from others on podcasts, I've also started joining in on podcasting to help share what I know.  It is definitely a nerve-wracking experience to record an audio conversation that will be forever available on the web/iTunes, but I think that each one has really helped me grow professionally (even if it's just from trying to improve on the number of times I say "ummm"!)

I'm going to maintain this separate page on my blog to continue to add to so others can find what I'm listening to or podcasts that I've joined in on.

Podcasts I enjoy listening to (some links will take you to their webpage, some straight to the itunes page for the podcast):
Choice Literacy has great podcasts with the literacy gurus.

Literacy 2.0 by International Reading Association

Practical Principals this is the very first podcast series I ever listened to and was hooked immediately.  These are also the principals that I first learned about twitter from.  Now I only wish that they would keep making more podcasts (public peer pressure for Scott and Melinda!)

Teacher Cast  No podcast is ever the same on Teacher Cast with Jeff Bradbury  Each podcast has a different topic and different guests on to talk about education and usually always incorporates technology.  Almost each podcast ends with "What's On Your iPad?" which I love getting new app suggestions from.

Techlandia Podcast: This podcast is led by Curt Rees, Jon Samuelson, and Alison Anderson.  Each week they share tech tips, recommendations for apps and people to follow on Twitter. They often bring on guests to the show, and have started having their podcast go live on Google Hangout.

EduLeadership is an Administrative podcast by Justin Baeder.  Each podcast has a different topic and includes different school leaders to discuss with Justin.

EdReach Network - If you subscribe to EdReach in iTunes, you will automatically get the variety of EdReach podcasts that are loaded there.  I have been keeping up on changes with google and other great new tech tips from these podcasts.  I have also now recorded 2 episodes of the EdAdmin podcast.

District Leaders Podcast  It's been a while since they've had a new podcast, but just like those above, always a different topic/different guest to talk about school leadership.

The Education Gadfly Show Podcast I enjoy listening to some education news, education research and some ed humor.

Fuel for Education Many of the conferences/trainings led by Wesley Fryer are recorded for his podcasts. I haven't attended any of his conferences, but have learned a great deal from his podcasts!

I listen to a few different podcasts from the BAM Radio Network They have podcasts for parents and educators.  My favorite podcast to listen to has been the H2H (Heart 2 Heart) conversations meant to be "A Quick Guide to Leading Educators and Making a Difference."

The 2 Sisters Tip of the Week I'm super excited that "The Sisters" have started podcasting their tip of the week!

Manic Mommies-this is just for pleasure. I enjoy listening to these moms, their humor, and the many guests they've had the show for a variety of topics.

Podcasts I have participated in:

Techlandia Podcast: "Steak and Eggs" Not sure why they called it this, but this was a podcast with a few other administrators.

BAM Radio Network: Managing the Relentless Stress of Being an Education Leader

BAM Radio Network: Talking about Too Little Time?

EduLeadership #2 Talking about "Managing the Teacher Evaluation Process" with Chuck Bell

EduLeadership #8 Talking about "No Office Day" with  Shira Leibowitz and William King

TeacherCast Podcast #11 Administrator 2.0 along with Patrick Larkin talking about a variety of tech topics from an admin standpoint.

TeacherCast Podcast #23 on the Twitter #Educoach Chat with co-moderators Kathy Perret and Shira Leibowitz 

TeacherCast Podcast #39 The Many Hats a Principal Wears

EdAdmin Show #1 - This is a new podcast that I hope to get to return to each month to talk about recent ed news and leadership topics.

EdAdmin Show #2 -  What role does Social Media play in school leadership?

EdAdmin Show #4 - Ebooks, 1:1 initiatives and NCLB waivers

Do you have a favorite podcast you listen to? Please add it in the comments so I can find more great podcasts to listen to.