Friday, July 5, 2013

Moving out (my blog that is)

Image from r2rdesigns
I have maintained this blog for over four years. In that time I have shared 128 blog posts and have received a great deal of valued support from my readers. The time has come for me to move out (from Blogger) and get a "place" of my own. Please follow my new blog at I have copy/pasted all of my posts from here to the site, but I am still working on the layout/design of it. I will likely cross-post my next few posts before being completely done with this blog to make sure I don't lose any readers.  If you are a "subscribe via email" reader, I am still working on figuring out that feature on my new blog site.
If you have a suggestion for my new site, please feel free to let me know by commenting on a post on my new blog.

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