Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reflections from 2nd Graders...Why and How are we better readers?

We LOVE to read and because of The Daily 5 and CAFE Menu, that’s why!

- Our classroom library has more books to choose from.
- I know what I am reading for. I meet MY expectations.
- I’m expanding my vocabulary when I read.
- I like where I get to read during Read to Self and Read to Someone
-I have a goal that I want to meet.
- I am more fluent- I can read faster and not choppy like a robot.
- I’ve learned a lot of new vocabulary (from Mr. Wiggle Worm’s Word of the Day) that I find in my reading.
- I am choosing better books this year to read. Books I really like to read.
- I understand how and why I read. I like Daily 5.
- I pick a Just Right Book on topics I am interested in reading and learning about. I also pick books to read from series I enjoy and authors I like.
- I have more independence when I read.
-I spend more time on Word Work to help me on my spelling words and I find those words in my reading books. I like making connections!
- I know all the words when I read because I have worked on Accuracy this year.
- I realize the meaning of the words from the books I am reading now.
- I am a voracious reader!
- I am reading to learn more.
- I am not reading choppy anymore. I read more fluently.
- I am reading and understanding harder books.
- Reading helps me to learn science and make connections to our science class.